How to do mla format on microsoft word 2007 mac

When in doubt, ask your professor about which type of citations are appropriate for a given assignment.

How to delete blank last page with a header and footer?

Regardless of whether you use footnotes or endnotes, Word makes it incredibly easy to add these to your paper. You can add footnotes or endnotes in the Footnotes section in the References ribbon, but be sure to place your cursor where you'd like the superscripted number referencing the footnote to appear before clicking on the tools. Everything you need to add footnotes and endnotes to your paper can be found in the Footnotes section of the References tab. For footnotes, click on the Insert Footnote button, then type in either your reference or add notes and supporting materials.

To navigate between footnotes within your paper, simply click on the Next Footnote button. Before Word added a References section, adding a bibliography was an arduous, manual task that was often one of the worst parts of completing a research paper.

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Now, adding a bibliography to your paper is as simple as two mouse clicks. The bibliography automatically adapts to the style guide you choose in the Style dropdown, and you can set the title to bibliography, references, or works cited. Depending on the requirements for your particular paper, choose either the bibliography, references, or works cited type of bibliography to add it to the end of your paper.

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Each option will be perfectly referenced according to the style guide you choose in the style drop-down menu. This is what the finished references section will look like. You can do this by clicking Page Break in the Pages section of the Insert ribbon. The best educational software for students. The 10 best websites for students. Your browser has javascript disabled. Without javascript some functions will not work, including question submission via the form.

How do I format my paper with page numbers and the phrase Running Head on only the first page? Toggle menu visibility. Ask Another Question. Toggle action bar FAQ Actions.

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Print Tweet Share on Facebook Was this helpful? Answered By: Alyssa Mitchell. Last Updated: Microsoft Word instructions: From the menu, click on the Insert tab. Tab over twice and type in the numeral 1. Go to the 2nd page of your paper. The number 2 should already be there. Type in your title or abbreviated title in all caps in front of the 2. Tab the 2 over to the right side of the header. Click on the red "X" to close the Header and Footer Tools. Microsoft Word , click here or read on: On the toolbar that appears, choose the Page Number option.

Select the option you want usually top of the page. Go to the menu, at the top of the page, under Header and Footer Tools , click the box that says Different first page. Your cursor should now be at the top of page 1 in the header box. Set the cursor just to the left of the number 1 and type Running head: Use the backspace key to set your title to the left and then use the tab key to move the page number back to the right hand side usually 2 tabs. Close the header and footer red x on the top right-hand side of the page Go to page 2 of your document or if you haven't started writing it, insert a page break and delete the phrase Running head, leaving just your abbreviated title.

On page 1, Running head will remain in your first page header, and only your abbreviated title will appear on subsequent pages. It's easier to set up the pages before you start writing the paper. Microsoft Word and Microsoft Word On the View tab, select the Print Layout document view. Double click the header area of the document.

Comments Thank you so much, it is ridiculous how difficult this was.

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I don't understand why Word made this so hard to add a header and page numbers on the same line. Thanks for the help! Thank you so much, this was a giant help!! Thanks for the step-by-step guide. It was extremely helpful! This helped me tremendously! It was very difficult for me to figure it out until i found this. Thank you so much.

I have to come back to this for every paper because it is so ridiculously difficult and I can never remember these steps! Thank you for your help. You are a life saver! Thank you. I always forget a couple of the steps and then i'm stuck. Thanks for the step-by-step help. This was excellent. I was able to set paper up quickly. Was struggling terribly prior. You win the internets. Thank you so much!!! I searched templates in word and chose apa.

A million thanks. Why can't they make it simple?

Reference Point Software: APA & MLA Style

Thank you so much! Thank Goodness for Google, and everyone else who commented and said they could not figure this out. Why was this so hard? Yes indeed, thank you!

Need APA Formatting Software for Mac?

I can't tell you how grateful I am for this solution. I even had to make one change to your directions work for me! You're wonderful!!! I had trouble with running heads and page numbers on all pages of the document, and your instructions applied to that too. Thank you for this.

APA Format in Word for Mac

I have always had issues with this seemingly simple task, and now I feel like I truly know how to do this forever due to your instructions: HUGE help! Thank you!