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Step 4: Step 5: Type source. I have been compiling my own set of aliases and configurations for years in which time I have borrowed copiously from others who have made their aliases available online. I can claim credit for very little of what follows. I recently became aware of alias. Check it out. Due to popular demand, my bash profile is now available as a Gist for your forking pleasure.

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A collection of Bash scripting utilities I compiled to make custom Bash programming easier. I've spent years curating a collection of Mac bash aliases and shortcuts to make my life easier. My full. A very quick primer on. How to edit your.

It's Easy to Choose Between a 2D or 3D Dock

Step 1: At this point, we are all done! If you open the Terminal, and navigate to any git repo, and play around, it should look like the following. Here is how it looks in Solarized-Light Theme:. Here is how it looks in Cobalt2 Theme:. If you have questions, please feel free to ask me on Twitter: Sign in Get started.

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Home dev Learn to code for free. Mar 2, Follow the steps carefully as any mistake will cause a lot of headache.

Top 7 Ways to Personalize Your Mac Desktop

This is for MacOS and for regular bash in the Terminal. My Versions: Mac High Sierra; git version 2.

You can download various Themes. This folder contains Theme for the terminal.

How to Customize Your Mac’s Terminal for Better Productivity

At this point, you have the Theme installed into your Terminal. We just need to make it a default Theme. MacOS comes with Python installed already. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published.

How to Change Mac OS X Terminal Color?

How do you stretch the dock from one end of the desktop to the other like windows taksbar? The annoying spaces between both ends of the dock to the end of the screen is annoying.

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Andrew, if you want to stick with Dock, it looks like your only option is to fill the it with apps to stretch it all the way to the edge of the screen. Otherwise, you could try uBar to get something similar to the Windows taskbar. I have to be honest, I'm not sure what it is you want, but from what I do grasp I think that there isn't a way to do it.

Sorry about that. Still looking for a tool that would allow me to change all windows to varying degrees of transparency Pic-a-POD is an app that downloads pictures of the day from a variety of sources and uses then to change your desktop periodically. Yeah, that's a good one too! Here it is, for those interested. I have Satellite Eyes now- I must say, it is really cool.

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