Razer carcharias headset for mac

It sucks, but it looks like we're on out own I will edit and undelete my other answer I posted earlier explaining what I have found.

CGRundertow - RAPTOR H3 7.1 USB HEADSET for PC / Mac Video Game Accessory Review

I have looked through the Razer Synapse many times and I have found nothing. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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Matters are made worse by the fact that you can adjust each of the eight virtual speakers individually, giving you a really good idea of how indistinct each one sounds. The 'rear' simulated speakers, for instance, just sound like the 'front' ones, only fuzzier. They work just fine in 2. But Razer is selling them on the basis of the 7.

If it has one jack, you should be OK, but your headset mic could be defective.

Razer Megalodon

Older MacBooks have two separate jacks for audio input and headphones. Your headphone mic is probably not amplified. This screen capture shows a blue dot peak audio indicator with a mono amplified mic as input. If you have an unamplified mic, you likely won't get ANY sound indication from Line In, even tapping directly on the mic. May 29, I am having this same issue.

Would something like this http: May 29, 9: From the description provided , it seems primarily designed for 5. The full description of your device mentions three other chipsets that apparently give 'high' quality sound:. So I did a quick search for 'USB audio cm chipset '.

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The description provided also mentions both line-in and mic-in - suggesting it can amplify mic-level input. I cannot recommend either one, and have no idea if either one would work for you. Based solely on the description and understand that translation from Chinese to English is often "imprecise" , a cm device would seem to be a better choice to try.

If you can return a device for a full refund, it might be worth your time to try it.